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Anti inflammatory Foods

Recently questions were sent to us regarding anti inflammatory foods and diets promising to "cure" all aliments. Is it true? Will it hurt you? Would you do this?

This is what we think based on our research.

Top 3 Answers:

- Fruits and Vegetables are a large part of this diet and yes this is a great thing. They are high in antioxidants and fiber all very good for us.

- Adding non FDA regulated herbs and supplements. This is tricky because these items are not regulated by our FDA standards so it is hard to know without a slew of research what each company is doing to ensure the integrity of the product. Unless you are very comfortable with having non regulated items in your body we recommend extra research before consuming these.

- Water with lemon. Water is great for our body and is a natural way to flush any impurities and add in digestion. Lemon has a high amount of vitamin c and is a great natural way to add this antioxidant to your day.

We hope these tips are helpful and please keep sending the questions!

In health and happiness,

MSC Nutrition

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