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Summer Success

With summer right around the corner (official first summer day 6/20) there will be vacations, cookouts, celebrations and food events galore. "How do I keep a nutrition plan on check during the summer, " is always a question we receive.

Below is our favorite 5 on nutrition summer success!

  1. Survey the scene- what foods do you really want

  2. Portion your plate as you would any other meal/snack. It is ok to be a little more than usual but should not look like a vast amount different.

  3. Don't arrive on an empty stomach- this is a common practice and leads to overeating, guilt and unhealthy behaviors.

  4. Make the focus fun not food. Enjoy food of course but have fun talking with others so the focus is not completely on the food

  5. Remember there is always more. This is not the only time these foods will be available so feel good knowing an adequate portion is just fine.

Enjoy summer, enjoy foods of the season and have nutrition summer success!

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