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Tis the Season!

Did you know it is easy to ignore your health over the holidays? Sounds like a simple answer, right?!?! More importantly, did you know you do NOT have to assume the holidays are a losing battle for balancing your health?

The truth is we are always making choices regarding how we nourish our body and it is always a choice.

The holidays should be a joyful time of year, not a stressful worry over food.

Here are some of our favorite holiday helpful tips.

- Food will always be around, no need to worry about this. If you truly enjoy a certain food remember you can have it whenever you want and there is no need to treat the meal/snack any different than any other meal or snack.

- Eat for nourishment and pick what you truly want.

- A slip does not mean a slide

- Balance carbohydrates, protein and fat at meals and snacks

Want to learn more, shoot us an email and we will create a plan for you!

Wishing you a stress free holiday season!

In health,

MSC Nutrition

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