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Healthy Foods for the Pool

Summer time and the pool go hand and hand and what better way to spend the day. Swimming is one of the best exercises and always works up an appetite. Most of the time kids spend all day in the pool and then come running to their parents complaining they are starving and need food immediately. So what is the best thing to do..... plan ahead. Here are some of our favorite healthy and easy summer time snacks.

Healthy and Easy Snacks

- Frozen Grapes

-Trail Mix

-Cucumber slices and yogurt dressing

-Celery and peanut butter

-Fruit kabobs

- Fruit and frozen yogurt

-Yo pops (fill an ice tray with yogurt, put in popsickle sticks and freeze)

-Crackers and cheese

-Graham crackers and peanut butter

Enjoy and don't forget the SPF !

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