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Halloween Doesn't Have To Be a Scream

Starting in October with Halloween, we begin the back to back holiday months. Although there is an abundance of food and drinks, we do not have to gain an abundance of weight. Here are a few tips for Halloween candy to be fun not frightful for your waistline.

- Pick your favorites- pick your favorites and enjoy them. Think to yourself what you really want vs mindless eating.

- Know your limits- listen to your body and know when you are satisfied and had enough. There will always be plenty of candy to eat.

- Don't go hungry- eat nutritious meals throughout the day so when there is candy around, strong hunger urges are not over controlling intake.

- Get rid of leftovers- take extra candy to work, school, etc. This way it is out of sight and not lingering around at home.

Have fun! Food should be fun and enjoyed- just know when enough is enough and control food, do not let it control you! Eat to live, not live to eat.

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