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New Year, New You

A New Year brings a fresh start and a new beginning. Many of us start with lofty goals and before the first quarter of the year is through we may find ourselves discouraged for not meeting these goals. We encourage you to "start small, achieve all."

Make small reasonable goals and check them off as they are completed. Each small step is a huge success and small changes lead to big results. Here's our task for you.

1. Make a list of your top five goals

2. Pick two of these five as your "Top Two"

3. Now, break down the two goals to mini goals- what are steps that can be met along the way to reach these goals

4. Make a list of the mini goals (steps to reach the large goals)

5. Write down a fresh list (but still keep the old) of the mini goal

s in appropriate order

6. Now, start working towards these goals and checking them off as you complete them

7. Once you are finished with this list, continue the same process with the other goals

You will be amazed at how easy it truly is to meet your goals and meet them in a stress free, healthy way.

Good luck, and cheers to you and the New Year!

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